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Luoghi Comuni,

Together beyond prejudice

The project Common Places, active in the cities of Milan, Rome and Bari, promotes the participation of the Roma in schooling and their right to education, counteracting current discrimination within Primary and Secondary Schools.



The theater of the moment

The theater of the moment

“Theatre is a martial art” – Augusto Boal It’s Bullying! A kid yell from the back rows of the packed auditorium of the school and node with a smile for the obvious (yet not) observation of the physical image presented on stage. The excitement is very high and in need to go through my whole… Read more

Else’s story: the little girl who survived Auschwitz

Else’s story: the little girl who survived Auschwitz

Else’s Story is a book published by UPRE ROME as part of the project Luoghi Comuni (Common Places). It was presented, in occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, in the schools in Milan, Rome and Bari where we are conducting the drama and video workshops. The goal is to attract teachers’ interest in teaching… Read more

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